The Solitude

Far beyond the outermost fringes of the known universe lies the Sea of Profound Quiet - an expanse so remote and isolated that it remains untouched by light, motion, and activity of any observable kind. This uncolonized sector exhibits no detectable radiation, stellar bodies, dark matter concentrations or quantum fluctuations to disturb its perfect stillness.

Known as The Solitude among theoretical cosmologists, its sheer distance from even the most advanced civilizations places it beyond reach of probes, signals, or future exploration. Bereft of data inputs from surrounding regions, The Solitude maintains a near perfect vacuum, the ultimate asylum of noiseless tranquility.

Within this zone of maximal cosmic solitude, virtual particles may spontaneously wink in and out of existence but remain unwitnessed and unverified across eons of inactive dormancy. It is a sector of spare ontological beauty open only to the mind’s eye - or more accurately, to the mind’s ear, as one’s consciousness becomes the sole animator of this sea of unending silence.

To meditatively traverse The Solitude is thus to enter total sensory deprivation, the most absolute state of being cut off from external stirrings. But within this perfect hush blossoms corresponding epiphanies of inner space - infinitely rich, alive and personally meaningful to each explorer or sound voyager.

As one mystic declared upon returning, “I traversed lifetimes exploring the fathomless interior depths my soul revealed. Never have I known time so elastic, creativity so unbound, connections so whole. Now I understand - outer space was but a gateway to unlocking inner.”

Ambient Solitude

‘Ambient Solitude’ is a journey through inner space, propelled by soundscapes into expansive mindstates. Amethon’s percussionless compositions suspend us, drifting, in zero gravity environments of solo introspection.

We enter with ‘Solitude 45’, crossing the event horizon into profound interiority. Shimmering drones expand slowly like stars being born, transporting us to galactic stillness. We soak for six minutes in interstellar hues, floating untethered through this ambient cluster.

With ‘Sombre Reclusion’ we enter a hushed, private world, submerged like a diving bell to stygian ocean depths. Bio-luminescent tones flicker in voidal blackness, scattering diffuse emotional spectra. We hang suspended in liquid suspension, senses muffled, eyelids fluttering in REM sleep.

‘Solitude 20’ engulfs us in near absolute zero temperature, a cryogenic freezing of cognition. Neural transmissions crystallize into isolated spikes traversing vastness, occasional thoughts spark across lightyears then fade into uncomputed vistas of uncolonized interiority. We have become interstellar voyagers traversing an unconscious universe inside.

The expanse intensifies with ‘Secluded Isolation’, space and time distorting. Spatial dimensions ripple, unseen forces tugging us as a web-blown dandelion seed. Alien tones sing from the Oort cloud and we enter a trafficking system of musical dark matter between solar systems. We stare outwards through the abyssal window of our mind.

By ‘Solitude 10’ the last external transmissions dissipate, propelling our capsules past the heliosphere into cosmic noise of supreme aloneness. Like ancient grain ships trailing their oarlocks, we float onward through fathomless no-mind to a sanctuary beyond language, observation and known dimensions.

With ‘Serene Awakening’, photon trails reconstitute faraway activity, quandrant call numbers. Slowly we make out signals from a once-familiar star in a once-named constellation. Data reappears categorizing, defining, giving meaning to where we have voyaged. We feel the silence within, knowing it to be our true native realm.

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