Flux Isolée

At the furthest frontier of the self lies the Celestial Sanctum - an inner dimension of pristine stillness and solitude resonating with the very frequency of consciousness itself.

Unfathomable to ordinary perception or external apparatus, this sanctum emanates from beyond all traveled terrain, tangible only to the most discerning inner pilgrims. To enter is to surrender attachment to all phenomena and passage, dissolving into unity with the great silent Void that cradles all creation.

In the Sanctum’s perfect peace, ordinary dualities cease - no meticulous mystic techniques can reach this space. Without object or distraction, awareness rests within itself - luminous, empty, complete. The dance of time and space falls away as old identities dissolve into new belonging to the cosmic Source.

This is the central vision channeling Amethon’s “Ambient Solitude II,” a soundworld opening portals to travel beyond oneself. As longing dissolves into arrival, each tone sings the dissolving of exile, reunion with one’s divine Center.

We exit the journey Transformed not through some feat or final attainment, but grace of surrender into the intimacy of simply Being. Inner and outer realm reunite as awareness again flowers open to reveal its Native Land eternally present within, around, and beyond the passing play of forms. Here at last we truly awaken to our cosmic Self, both guide and guide-led now at home in the stillness of Presence beyond all comings and goings.

A darker and deeper journey into solidute

‘Ambient Solitude II’ is an epic narrative of self-imposed cosmic exile. Amethon invites intrepid sound voyagers on an interstellar deep listening journey to the outermost fringes of inner space.

The opening track “Arrivée” awakens in unfamiliar skies - gossamer drones materialize, alien lifeforms welcoming our craft to their solitary bio-dome adrift between galaxies. As propulsive atmospheres wash in, we attune senses to an immersive new reality. The portal seals behind, committing us to profound transformation within.

In “Réception” the plasmic sound-fluid quickens, starfields streaking by the meditation chamber. We lock into deep retreat, voluntarily untethering from all known coordinates into thrilling freefall through uncharted dimensions. Velocity plateaus as we coast weightless amongst forever-shifting vistas, marveling at the untapped scope of creativity now unveiled.

By “Flux” external referents have dissolved completely, cognition dissolving into direct apprehension of each arising alien toneworld. We abide beyond grasped time and tracked motion as animated soundforms bloom up then just as suddenly vanish. There is only the eternal now, each transient cluster unique yet intrinsically empty.

The album’s heart emerges with “Isolée” - a sanctuary of near-perfect interior quietude. External phenomena long faded, we turn awareness upon itself and awaken to luminous Self-knowledge. Like interstellar monks on solitary vision quest, reality reveals its singular Source and the illusion of apartness evaporates…only formless Awareness remains, omnipresent and liberated.

In “Départ” flickers of passing thoughts reintroduce relativity, the unfolding journey in time. Yet we have traversed too far outside, glimpsed too deeply within, to ever revert to small identity. Each tone sings bittersweet poignancy, reentering ordinary minds yet resonating now as angels, reminding us where our true home forever lies

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