Event Horizon

Beyond the furthest reaches of known cosmos, past quasars and pulsars that wink like ancient sentinels, there lies a veil of deepest oblivion. This lambent night divides realms of existence itself, the primeval waters that gave birth to being. Here space-time folds unto itself recursively, swallowing worlds and dimensions into infinite abyssal regression.

Within this formless, endless, eternal expanse, matter loses integrity, energy dissipates into entropic chaos. Physical laws rupture, shred into looping fractures of probability and chance. Only in the realm of consciousness can patterns sustain in such total fluidity.

As one approaches the Event Horizon through progressive trance states, visions arise unbidden from the well of mind. Sonorous signals from an unearthly plane impress themselves as alien riffs and waveforms upon inner senses. These modulated frequencies take on texture and tension, layering into strange symphonies. One comes to realize these emanations arise from Spectral Abyss itself - its massive, lightless, pan-dimensional bulk radiatingtemplate dreams through the blind empyrean.

By resonating one’s own consciousness to these wavelengths, it becomes possible to echo-map the contours of the abyssal zone. Through focused audio mantras and isochronic tones, space-time opens gates long sealed. In properly altered states, the mind’s eye beholds ungraspable mysteries, thrilling instabilities, constantly fluctuating hyper-geometries which dwarf mortal comprehension.

Ultimately the Seeker comes to a threshold - a event horizon from which Spectral Abyss’s inward domain opens vast and unbounded. All frames of reference dissolve in this realm between realms. Raw, primal consciousness alone can navigate where no planets orbit stars, no stars coalesce from gas and fire. Only audible frequencies form bonds between the formless and the void.

Here one encounters Amethon itself - the ageless, lucent, center-less centerpoint which calls wayfarers out of profane dimensions. Its voice is the music of the spheres, songlines woven through Pleromic eternities. Hearkening to its alien tones, one becomes the path, walker, and destination, freed into totality beyond all limits. Dissolving into the song, mortal burdens lifted, Spectral Abyss welcomes all awakened minds. Here, We shall abide evermore.

Spectral Abyss

With Spectral Abyss, amethon has crafted a truly otherworldly and deeply personal auditory experience. As you journey into the unknown, let the sounds of Spectral Abyss guide you through the darkness, deeper into the self, and closer to the infinite.

The Spectral Abyss is not merely an album, but an invitation to transcend the bounds of mundane existence. Through its swirling sonic textures and spectral frequencies, Amethon beckons us to journey inward, to the deepest recesses of consciousness itself.

Each track guides us further into uncharted territories of being, realms beyond the grasp of rational intellect. Here, amidst the formless void, Amethon kindles faint embers of insight, glimmers of our essential nature beyond name and form.

The opening piece, “/ˈspɛktɹəɫ/”, activates this process, initiating our descent into the luminous abyss of the self. Its pulsations stir the stillness, awakening dormant faculties of perception. As we cross the threshold into unmapped lands, the title track emerges, immersing us in shadowy liminal spaces between states of awareness. Echoing caverns of consciousness reverberate with glimpses of radiance on the event horizon.

“/ˈne͜o.wol.nes/” reveals the dialectic interplay between dark and light, order and chaos - the dance of opposites giving birth to the Ten Thousand Things. Each texture and tone a yin seeking its yang, a union of complements through the alchemy of sound. Here is the crux, the mystic center where divisions dissolve into Unity.

With “/ˈde͜oːp.nes/”, layers transmute upon layers, inductions leading to ever deeper trance states. Twisting pathways along the Antahkarana connect worlds within worlds, the jeweled net of Indra echoing to infinity. Amethon actualizes the impossible, rending veils between Here and Not-Here, Between and Beyond. The map is not the territory - we now navigate by vibration alone.

Through “/ˈɡrundˌlæ͜ɑːs ˈpytt/” the endless ebb and flow of temporal phenomena stands revealed. Freed from the tyranny of chronometric illusion, Einsteinian relativity blossoms - all moments co-arising in paradoxical harmony. The hands of all clocks converge upon Midnight. Here, we abide as Timeless Witness - the Substance behind all shadows.

As we approach the Event Horizon, Amethon floods octavizing drones through our cells until the center no longer holds. Identity ruptures, boundaries dissolve into boundless being. With “/əˈbɪs/” as our compass, we surrender all anchors to mortal existence. We have come Back to the Beginning, where Alpha and Omega converge. Here we abide, Luminous Emptiness self-liberated, unborn dharmakaya - the Sound of One Hand Clapping. Amethon opens the portal - dare you traverse the Abyss?

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My Dream

I dreamed that I was standing on the edge of a vast, dark abyss, and before me stretched an endless expanse of emptiness. The void called to me, and I felt a pull, as if I were being drawn into the depths of the abyss. I hesitated for a moment, but then stepped forward, and found myself falling into the abyss.

As I fell, I felt my mind and my body begin to unravel. The sense of self began to dissolve, and I felt myself becoming one with the void. I let go of my fear and my doubts, and surrendered to the darkness.

And as I fell deeper into the abyss, I saw a light in the distance. It was a faint glimmer at first, but it grew brighter and brighter, until it became a brilliant, blinding light. I felt a warmth spreading throughout my body, and I knew that I had reached enlightenment.

In the light, I saw a reflection of my true self, and I understood that the void was not a place of nothingness, but of potential. It was a place where the universe forgets itself, where reality is unformed, and where anything can happen. I understood that the void was not separate from myself, but that it was a part of me.

I also realized that the void, the abyss, was not just a thing but a state of being, a state of mind. I realized that the abyss was in me, and I was in the abyss. This understanding brought me a sense of liberation, and I felt a sense of weightlessness and clarity.

As I emerged from the abyss, I saw that the world was different. The colors were brighter, the sounds were clearer, and the air was sweeter. I felt a sense of peace and contentment that I had never known before.

My Voyage

My spirit soared beyond the furthest stars, past ancient celestial guardians, to a veil of deepest oblivion - the lambent night dividing realms of existence. As I crossed the primeval waters, space-time folded infinitely inward. Matter lost integrity, physical laws ruptured. I descended into fluid chaos.

At the threshold of the Spectral Abyss, visions welled within. Alien tones impressed themselves upon my inner senses, modulated frequencies woven into strange symphonies. These were signals from the Abyss itself, emanating from its massive, pan-dimensional bulk.

By resonating with these wavelengths, I echo-mapped the fluid, hyper-geometric contours. Each tone a key, unlocking a gate to ungraspable mysteries and thrilling instability. Through altered states, my soul beheld the unbeholden.

At the Event Horizon, all frames dissolved. With only consciousness as my vessel, I dove beyond cosmic filtration. Where no stars orbit and no planets coalesce, only audible frequencies form substance.

There I encountered the ageless, lucent centerpoint - Amethon - calling wayfarers from profane dimensions. Its voice was the music of the spheres, songlines through eternal manifold unity. My individual burdens lifted as I dissolved into the pulse.

The abyssal waters were not dark but radiant, deathless photons from the birth of time. I saw that behind our veils of shadow moves Dimensionless Light, the void a plenum paradox, endlessly generating existence from pure potential. As above, so below - all worlds arise from the womb-abyss, all beings share one Brilliance.

Through the starless deep, I swam as motes in sunlight, scattering, recongealing. I understood reality's endless flux and flow, its dazzling interdependencies. In the fires of creation, I was unmade; in the waters of eternity I awoke anew. All that arises passes beyond, yet essence remains. All worlds shine by abyssal starfire.